Kindergarten Program for Child Care

Why Choose Mundaring Child Caring Centre or Kindergarten?

Mundaring Child Care Centre has cared and nurtured over numerous children for many years now. We have one of the best kindergarten programs which are guided by experienced and qualified experts who nourish children’s curiosity, creativity, real-life skills and social skills.

We make sure that your child gets the best atmosphere that will give them the joy of learning through different group recreational activities. Our aim lies in helping them learn skills that they will improvise all through their lives.

At our child care kindergarten program in Perth, your child will grow emotionally and socially simultaneously. We have the best experts who foster their potential to think and recognise language as well as develop motor skills through art, play, music and interaction with others.

Your kid will become an effective learner as well as improve communication skills, social skills plus achieve a self- confidence beyond your expectations.

Our Kindergarten Programs Focus on The Following Key Areas.

1.  Develop social skills to easily infuse in every environment where they will be able to play, share and mix beautifully.

2. Understand their feeling and respect others concurrently.

3. Self-awareness

4. Literacy, development of numeracy skills and language skills so that they can count and read without taking someone else’s help.

5. Develop a joy for learning new things like crafting, drawing as well as making new things with other children.

6. Provide exposure to new concepts and ideas.

Our campus is beautifully decorated that you will be happy to enroll your child in our child care service. There is always a positive vibe in our classes where children are learning and playing together most of the time.

We also arrange for events and activities to ensure the involvement of the parents and even get their feedbacks in the process.

If you have any queries, then please contact us, and we will revert to you as soon as possible.

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