Long Day Child Care

Long Day Care

Mundaring Child Care Centre is a reputed and famous childcare service that encourages children to wonder, connect, discover and learn new things. Our long day care service offers full-time care of children while supporting parents who remain busy with their work schedule.

The primary motive of our childcare services is to provide a caring and encouraging environment where kids would be able to learn and grow simultaneously. Our programs are based on the age and developmental stage of the children so that we provide them with the right toys and equipment that ensure play-based learning.

At Mundaring, we take care of children from six weeks to school age by experts, who have been in this field for a long time. Our services are founded on national standards, and we hold a high reputation in the local community.

At the same time, we also organise meeting with the parents to get their feedback and also arrange for programs and activities which require their involvement. Our Long Day Child Care Centre in Perth follows the EYLF or Early Years Learning Framework, which means our educational program, is developed on standard guidelines that ensure the best growth and development of a child.

Why Choose Us?

1. We provide both full and part-time care.

2. Every program has a reasonable fee structure, and we discuss fees with the parents.

3. Here, children are grouped based on their age and developmental stage.

4. We have flexible operating hours that meet the work schedules of most working parents.

5. We don’t have any hidden cost. Everything is discussed during admission.

Your child will have a great time with us as we make certain that every activity will teach something of value which helps in building a strong character in future.

Furthermore, we have the best experts to focus on every child so that parents could observe quality development in their kid within a few months. If you have any further queries, then please contact us as we would be happy to help you in any possible ways.

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Mundaring Child Care Centre
505 Brooking Road, Mahoganny Creek WA 6072
08 9298 8336

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Q. Do you have any vacancies?

We have a app called vacancy.care you can always go on there and check our vacancies, or alternatively you can always call us on 08 9298 8336 or email on mundaring@littlecarol.net


Q. What are your fees?

Rates are inclusive of lunch, morning and afternoon snacks. Details..